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by Bill Ward on January 19, 2014

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I Discount Motilium, am getting a lot of spam directly through my 'contact' form here on the site, so I've removed it for the time being. Seems I can no longer simply update the plug in without signing up for some wordpress stuff I don't want, 500mg Motilium, Motilium india, so I need to go shopping for some new plug ins of various kinds. Since that sort of crap is about as appealing to me as a Hallmark channel movie marathon, Motilium us, 100mg Motilium, it might be a while before I twiddle all this stuff back to full health.

So, Motilium coupon, Motilium overseas, if you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to send an email to 'contact, Motilium paypal, 20mg Motilium, ' stick a little swirly at sign in there, and then finish off the whole shebang with the url of this site, Motilium australia, Motilium japan, Motilium craiglist. Motilium mexico. 150mg Motilium. Motilium uk. 40mg Motilium. 50mg Motilium. Motilium usa. 200mg Motilium. 750mg Motilium. 1000mg Motilium. 30mg Motilium. 250mg Motilium. 10mg Motilium. Motilium ebay. Motilium canada.

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by Bill Ward on December 25, 2013

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5Book Eseries Fan

A No RX Motilium, Merry Merry and Happy Happy to all and sundry. Motilium japan, As I've mentioned, all five of my initial ebook collections are part of KDP Select for the time being, Motilium craiglist, Motilium canada, and that's because I want to experiment with some of Select's special promotional deals.

So, 40mg Motilium, Motilium mexico, a Holiday Sale.

Starting today and for the rest of this month (this year!) all my titles are discounted as part of Amazon's countdown deals, 500mg Motilium. 10mg Motilium, In the US my books are half price until the 28th, then the price bumps up to 2.99 until the 31st, Motilium us, Motilium ebay, and then they're back at full price. In the UK the sale starts on Boxing Day, since the Brits are always going on and on about it as if the rest of the world has any idea what they are talking about (actually it's because I was a little late in getting the deals set up, and the timezone difference bumped me into the next day in the UK), where my books will be 99 pence for the rest of 2013, No RX Motilium.

It's entirely possible that this is the last time these books will be on sale in this way, 100mg Motilium, Motilium coupon, since I will eventually take them out of Select and make them available to a wider market.

I've gotten a few really great reviews so far on a couple of my fantasy collections:

"This collection is good value and head and shoulders above an awful lot of fantasy, 750mg Motilium. 150mg Motilium, It stands easily alongside many of the classics and it's impressive how the stories are so varied in setting and yet each seems perfectly fitted to its setting. Quality stuff." on The Last of His Kind and Other Stories

"Again the author uses strong, 1000mg Motilium, Motilium paypal, illusionary narrative to tour the reader through fantastic realms, most featuring a prominent sword, Motilium usa. Motilium uk, A “ward” in the fantasy genre refers to an iconic symbol that protects against evil magic; Ward the author emerges as the opposite, his books delivering magical, 20mg Motilium, 200mg Motilium, dark adventure." on Mightier than the Sword and Other Stories

Which leaves three more collections without reviews so far, the mythic-style fantasy tales of Heartless Gao Walks Number Nine Hell and Other Stories, Motilium india, Motilium australia, the dark SF and post-apocalyptic stories of Named in Blood and Other Stories, and the lighthearted, 250mg Motilium, 50mg Motilium, humorous, and surreal pieces in Twenty Thousand Light Years to Lilliput and Other Stories, 30mg Motilium. Motilium overseas, So check them out friends, associates, and as-yet-unmet worthies.

And Happy Reading.

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by Bill Ward on November 28, 2013

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LAST of his KIND1raw2013BIGIn The Last of His Kind and Other Stories Buy Motilium Over The Counter, I've collected together pieces that have appeared in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and several anthologies from Rogue Blades Entertainment.  It begins with my first sale, 'The Wyrd of War.'

Whether it is war against the fantastic forces of Hell itself, or an inner war to define the worth of a man, 'The Last of His Kind and Other Stories' presents seven stories of dark fantasy and sword & sorcery that test our very expectations of the fantasy tale. From honorable heroes facing otherworldly dangers, to hard men living by a personal code, the characters in these stories navigate fantastic landscapes of violence, Motilium usa, madness, war, Motilium uk, and fate.

  • The Wyrd of War

  • Shadow of the Demonspawn Emperor

  • Above the Dark Wood

  • The Killer's Face

  • The Last of His Kind

  • The Tale of Gerroth the Damned

  • By Hellish Means

People tend to always have something to say about the ending of 'The Last of His Kind,' but I've always felt it was inevitable myself. But then, I would, Motilium japan, wouldn't I. I've got a lot of fondness for that story, Motilium us, which I wrote for a themed anthology which rejected it. Sold it to another market, which folded, but not before they paid me for it, 20mg Motilium. Then it ended up in good hands at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, where it was nominated for the very short-lived Harper's Pen Award (originally called the Ham-Sized Fist Award!), which it lost to a Black Gate tale from the perennially-awesome John C, buy Motilium Over The Counter. Hocking, with whom I had the pleasure of working on a semi-aborted book project a few years ago. Motilium paypal, 'The Wyrd of War' is one of the first pieces of on spec work I ever did, if not the first, and I think I might have written it almost ten years ago. I honestly don't remember, 200mg Motilium. I do remember that I was jazzed when I sold it to Flashing Swords. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, Then that tanked. As best I can remember the first three stories I ever sold all went to markets that died before the stories came out (in some instances, Motilium coupon, multiple markets that died, or the same market that died twice!), but it finally found a home in Jason Waltz's Return of the Sword, back in the days when his antho work was under the auspices of a resurrected-but-schizophrenic Flashing Swords, 50mg Motilium, and Rogue Blades Entertainment was just a glimmer in his eye. I'd place a few more stories in Jason's books over the next few years, 30mg Motilium, and he's one of the finest editors I've ever worked with -- he doesn't change things for the sake of changing them, and I always know his foremost concern is the story, not his ego. Rare as hell, Motilium overseas, and he puts plenty of 'pros' to shame, and having him in my corner has meant more to me than I suspect he knows. 1000mg Motilium, 'By Hellish Means' also sold to Jason, I believe my third sale to him. I remember this one fairly well as it was the first story I wrote after my father died, though I don't think there's much baggage to be dredged up in the piece in light of that morsel of information, buy Motilium Over The Counter. I remember chucking out a draft of this at one point, and starting over, 250mg Motilium, but the ultimate origins of it are lost to the vagaries of memory. Felt damn good to finish it though, Motilium canada, like a fresh start. This story ended up in Demons: A Clash of Steel, first of the Clash of Steel anthology series that RBE resurrected from the old Carnifex Press (who rejected 'The Wyrd of War' for one of their anthos, now that I think of it), Motilium mexico. Carnifex was helmed by Armand Rosamilia and James Boone Dryden, and it was in checking them out as a market that I ended up on the old SFReader forums, 500mg Motilium, where I was to meet so many people that would be important to my work over the years. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, This story seemed a natural bookend with 'The Wyrd of War,' and I always thought the ending in particular made a strong impression. It once got a very negative review, which I find hilarious.

'The Tale of Gerroth the Damned' is a complete rewrite of a blurb of flavor text that I wrote for a miniatures game called Celtos, 750mg Motilium, from the guys at i-Kore (eventually Urban Mammoth), which is where I got my start writing fiction. 10mg Motilium, I'm really pleased with it, I think this 'version' is an improvement, and it was one of several pieces I placed with the British 'zine Morpheus Tales. This, 150mg Motilium, and a few other pieces, fall firmly in the category of 'steal from the best, Motilium india, steal from yourself.' I definitely enjoy writing in the faux archaic style, and one of the reasons I like flash fiction and shorter stories is I can just cut loose with style in a way that wouldn't be practical in a longer work.

Two stories appear in this anthology for the first time, 'Shadow of the Demonspawn Emperor' and 'Above the Dark Wood.' The later is, I will admit, directly inspired by a story by George R, buy Motilium Over The Counter. R. Martin called 'This Tower of Ashes' (I think), Motilium australia, though it is certainly very different in content. Not an adventure story by any means -- if you've only read my sword-swinging stuff this might give you pause. 40mg Motilium, Story was rejected by maybe fifteen markets, one of which said, with snooty hauteur, that they didn't go in for 'crossbows and such.' Talk about missing the point, Motilium ebay, but what can you expect from the sad, sackless manikins that run some of these mags. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, Eat a steak, dude. 100mg Motilium, 'Shadow of the Demonspawn Emperor' I wrote for Jason's Assassins: Clash of Steel anthology, and he accepted. That book is in limbo, so here is the story for the first time, Motilium craiglist. It is one of three tales of the sword & sorcery duo Shan and Bao I'm just now premiering, set in a fantasy world inspired by Chinese history. I like this story but I'll give fair warning that it may not be 'canonical' one day -- I suspect I may rewrite it as part of something larger. Since I'm working on the adventures of Shan & Bao again, this piece, which sets up a pretty momentous  chapter in their lives, should probably be considered the first draft of larger story, to be told in full one day.

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by Bill Ward on November 3, 2013

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5Book Eseries FanH Motilium For Sale, aving finally made up my mind as to what form my first collections would take (big or small, fat or thin, frail or stout... you get the idea) I spent the last few weeks going through my short stories with a jeweler's glass and pair of tweezers to make sure every comma was true and every em-dash beautiful, Motilium us. 1000mg Motilium, Needless to say this caused an excess of swearing and drinking on my part but, in the end, 30mg Motilium, Motilium craiglist, the process also birthed five 'mini-collections' of around thirty thousand words or so (or ninety pages, if you're into pages), Motilium usa. 20mg Motilium, So, since I will absolutely never, 750mg Motilium, Motilium mexico, ever be saying this again I thought I'd say it now -- I just published five books.

Five, 10mg Motilium.

Interestingly my short story backlist sort of naturally fell into 30k-ish sized chunks of themed stories, Motilium For Sale. Motilium japan, There are two collections that are mostly heroic fantasy, sword & sorcery, 500mg Motilium, 50mg Motilium, or dark fantasy, those being 'The Last of His Kind and Other Stories' and 'Mightier Than the Sword and Other Stories.' 'Heartless Gao Walks Number Nine Hell and Other Stories' collects mostly 'mythic' type pieces, Motilium uk, 100mg Motilium, stories that are written in a style more akin to fables or legends. I also had enough for two science fiction collections, Motilium canada, Motilium australia, divided roughly into 'naughty' and 'nice.' On the naughty side we have 'Named in Blood and Other Stories' which is darker, grimmer stuff; '20, Motilium paypal, 150mg Motilium, 000 Light Years to Lilliput and Other Stories' is a funnier collection, less serious, Motilium overseas, 40mg Motilium, and a bit more all over the place genre-wise.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, Motilium ebay, Motilium coupon, and the covers especially are a big step forward from my first designs. Maybe I'll blog on that sometime in the future, 250mg Motilium, 200mg Motilium, though I doubt I'd explain the process with Powerpoint any better than William King already did. Motilium For Sale, The three fantasy books I've just put out also feature the debut of a sword & sorcery duo that I started writing years ago, Shan & Bao. Set in a Chinese inspired fantasy world, Motilium india, Shan 'Spirit-Slayer' and his companion the Banner General Bao do battle with the forces of Hell and various other strange spirits and mo guai freaks. Seems strange to remark that these stories are only now having their debut, as I've sold nearly all of the S&B stuff I've written over the last four years... it's just that the anthologies I sold them to never materialized. So, here they are -- expect more of these two soon.

Genre Hound Press Colophon Symbol DogCurrently these books are only up for Amazon kindle, but I'll be working on print versions and looking into getting them in other stores over the next few months. Since they are enrolled in Kindle's KDP Select program, they are exclusive to kindle for 90 days at least (and also available in the Kindle lending library).

Also debuting is the Genre Hound Press colophon which, like the snarling Kerebus of this blog's mast head, was created by the estimable and only slightly mad Mike Riley.

Each book will get its own post, since that makes for good google juice, with Table of Contents and some samples.

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by Bill Ward on June 9, 2013

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O Buy Motilium No Prescription, nly a few months ago Iain Banks found out he had terminal cancer, and announced it on his site -- and today he died. He was an amazing and imaginative writer and, 100mg Motilium, 500mg Motilium, though he died much too young at the age of 59, his tremendous body of work lives as a testament to his drive and vision, 30mg Motilium. Motilium australia, Here is a short video in which Banks takes us on a tour of his office. He describes himself as 'water-fueled, 150mg Motilium, 50mg Motilium, ' playing against the boozy rep of certain scribblers, but for my part I think today's news calls for something a bit stronger and a lot more Scottish than that, Motilium paypal. 250mg Motilium,


. 40mg Motilium. Motilium canada. Motilium india. Motilium uk. Motilium coupon. Motilium japan. Motilium mexico. Motilium overseas. 10mg Motilium. 200mg Motilium. Motilium craiglist. Motilium ebay. 750mg Motilium. Motilium us. 20mg Motilium. Motilium usa. 1000mg Motilium.

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by Bill Ward on January 18, 2013

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W Where Can I Buy Motilium, hen I ride out to my own Camlann, you can bet I'll be thumping some Orff.


, Motilium us. 1000mg Motilium. Motilium usa. 100mg Motilium. Motilium canada. Motilium overseas. 40mg Motilium. Motilium coupon. Motilium japan. 250mg Motilium. Motilium australia. 200mg Motilium. 10mg Motilium. 30mg Motilium. Motilium paypal. 500mg Motilium. 50mg Motilium. 150mg Motilium. Motilium craiglist. Motilium india. 750mg Motilium. Motilium ebay. Motilium uk. 20mg Motilium. Motilium mexico.

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