Contact and Its Discontents

by Bill Ward on January 19, 2014

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I am getting a lot of spam directly through my ‘contact’ form here on the site, so I’ve removed it for the time being. Seems I can no longer simply update the plug in without signing up for some wordpress stuff I don’t want, so I need to go shopping for some new plug ins of various kinds. Since that sort of crap is about as appealing to me as a Hallmark channel movie marathon, it might be a while before I twiddle all this stuff back to full health.

So, if you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to send an email to ‘contact,’ stick a little swirly at sign in there, and then finish off the whole shebang with the url of this site,


Christmas Countdown Deals

by Bill Ward on December 25, 2013

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5Book Eseries Fan

A Merry Merry and Happy Happy to all and sundry. As I’ve mentioned, all five of my initial ebook collections are part of KDP Select for the time being, and that’s because I want to experiment with some of Select’s special promotional deals.

So, a Holiday Sale.

Starting today and for the rest of this month (this year!) all my titles are discounted as part of Amazon’s countdown deals. In the US my books are half price until the 28th, then the price bumps up to 2.99 until the 31st, and then they’re back at full price. In the UK the sale starts on Boxing Day, since the Brits are always going on and on about it as if the rest of the world has any idea what they are talking about (actually it’s because I was a little late in getting the deals set up, and the timezone difference bumped me into the next day in the UK), where my books will be 99 pence for the rest of 2013.

It’s entirely possible that this is the last time these books will be on sale in this way, since I will eventually take them out of Select and make them available to a wider market.

I’ve gotten a few really great reviews so far on a couple of my fantasy collections:

“This collection is good value and head and shoulders above an awful lot of fantasy. It stands easily alongside many of the classics and it’s impressive how the stories are so varied in setting and yet each seems perfectly fitted to its setting. Quality stuff.” on The Last of His Kind and Other Stories

“Again the author uses strong, illusionary narrative to tour the reader through fantastic realms, most featuring a prominent sword. A “ward” in the fantasy genre refers to an iconic symbol that protects against evil magic; Ward the author emerges as the opposite, his books delivering magical, dark adventure.” on Mightier than the Sword and Other Stories

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The Last of His Kind and Other Stories

by Bill Ward on November 28, 2013

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LAST of his KIND1raw2013BIGIn The Last of His Kind and Other Stories I’ve collected together pieces that have appeared in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and several anthologies from Rogue Blades Entertainment.  It begins with my first sale, ‘The Wyrd of War.’

Whether it is war against the fantastic forces of Hell itself, or an inner war to define the worth of a man, ‘The Last of His Kind and Other Stories’ presents seven stories of dark fantasy and sword & sorcery that test our very expectations of the fantasy tale. From honorable heroes facing otherworldly dangers, to hard men living by a personal code, the characters in these stories navigate fantastic landscapes of violence, madness, war, and fate.

  • The Wyrd of War
  • Shadow of the Demonspawn Emperor
  • Above the Dark Wood
  • The Killer’s Face
  • The Last of His Kind
  • The Tale of Gerroth the Damned
  • By Hellish Means

People tend to always have something to say about the ending of ‘The Last of His Kind,’ but I’ve always felt it was inevitable myself. But then, I would, wouldn’t I? I’ve got a lot of fondness for that story, which I wrote for a themed anthology which rejected it. Sold it to another market, which folded, but not before they paid me for it. Then it ended up in good hands at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, where it was nominated for the very short-lived Harper’s Pen Award (originally called the Ham-Sized Fist Award!), which it lost to a Black Gate tale from the perennially-awesome John C. Hocking, with whom I had the pleasure of working on a semi-aborted book project a few years ago.

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That’s a Lot of E-Books…

by Bill Ward on November 3, 2013

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5Book Eseries FanHaving finally made up my mind as to what form my first collections would take (big or small, fat or thin, frail or stout… you get the idea) I spent the last few weeks going through my short stories with a jeweler’s glass and pair of tweezers to make sure every comma was true and every em-dash beautiful. Needless to say this caused an excess of swearing and drinking on my part but, in the end, the process also birthed five ‘mini-collections’ of around thirty thousand words or so (or ninety pages, if you’re into pages).

So, since I will absolutely never, ever be saying this again I thought I’d say it now — I just published five books.


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RIP Iain M. Banks

by Bill Ward on June 9, 2013

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Only a few months ago Iain Banks found out he had terminal cancer, and announced it on his site — and today he died. He was an amazing and imaginative writer and, though he died much too young at the age of 59, his tremendous body of work lives as a testament to his drive and vision.

Here is a short video in which Banks takes us on a tour of his office. He describes himself as ‘water-fueled,’ playing against the boozy rep of certain scribblers, but for my part I think today’s news calls for something a bit stronger and a lot more Scottish than that.


Happy B-Day, John Boorman

by Bill Ward on January 18, 2013

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When I ride out to my own Camlann, you can bet I’ll be thumping some Orff.