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by Bill Ward on April 18, 2011

in On Books

I have recently been tooling around the archives for the Better Book Titles Medrol For Sale, blog, which is a site that has people photoshop in various alternative titles to famous books. The titles are intended to cut to the chase, 50mg Medrol, 750mg Medrol, summing up the books in ways flippant and concise. Some are highly clever, 10mg Medrol, 20mg Medrol, some aren't, and some I don't get at all because I haven't read the books, 1000mg Medrol. 150mg Medrol, But overall it's a very fun site, and I'm posting some pics of my favorites here to whet your appetite, Medrol ebay. Medrol usa, A link to the Better Book Titles archive.

Top marks definitely to the alternate title for Strunk & White, Medrol uk. Medrol australia,
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