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by Bill Ward on July 4, 2011

in Movie Reviews

  • Title: Franklyn

  • Year: 2008

  • Rating: R

  • Running Time: 97 mins

  • Director: Gerald McMorrow

  • Writer(s): Gerald McMorrow

  • Cast: Where Can I Buy Medrol, Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green, Sam Riley, Bernard Hill, Jay Fuller, Art Malik, Kika Markham, Gary Pillai, Susannah York

Franklyn is psychological fantasy caught in the age of the superhero film, where many of the sadly superficial trappings of big budget films creep in to mar a narrative that already pushes its luck and chips away  at the viewer's patience. It's also quite interesting at times, 30mg Medrol, Medrol craiglist, and perhaps rather brave, but it never really delivers a reward commensurate with the demands it imposes on the audience, Medrol usa. 50mg Medrol, And, while it is occasionally a smart film, Medrol australia, Medrol japan, it is never as smart as it thinks it is.

It is also, Medrol paypal, 10mg Medrol, unfortunately, a film difficult to discuss without offering major spoilers -- which I will refrain from doing, 150mg Medrol. 750mg Medrol, Following the lives of four characters all separated from each other, Franklyn plays a narrative game that has the viewer tracking clues and similarities between the threads in an effort to figure out just what is going on, 1000mg Medrol. The big puzzle, and perhaps the big let down, of Franklyn are the events that take place in Meanwhile City, a dark steampunkish Never-Never Land aesthetically and thematically at odds with the rest of the film's contemporary London setting, Where Can I Buy Medrol. 500mg Medrol, In Meanwhile City we have Preest, a kind of masked avenger and vigilante, 40mg Medrol, Medrol coupon, an unbeliever in a city of a thousand coexisting religious dogmas, in which the only rule is that everyone must believe in something, Medrol uk. 100mg Medrol, Preest is on a mission of revenge, and is betrayed into the hands of the authorities -- soberly attired enforcers in top hats and puritan frock coats, Medrol mexico. 200mg Medrol, It is never quite apparent where or when Meanwhile City exactly is (until the end of the film), but these sequences, 250mg Medrol, Medrol canada, initially compelling and exciting, start to weigh the film down after the first act, 20mg Medrol, Medrol india, and seem increasingly trivial and out-of-place alongside the other events of the story.

Those other events concern three characters in contemporary London; Emilia, Medrol overseas, Medrol us, a crazy art chick who has turned her attempted suicides into performance art, Milo, Medrol ebay, a mopey jilted groom who thinks he sees snatches of a childhood sweetheart wherever he goes, and Esser, a church warden who travels to London in search of his son. The degree to which these characters may or may not be interacting with one another is a game Franklyn Where Can I Buy Medrol, plays somewhat inexpertly, though not without flashes of brilliance (sadly those are spoilers too!), but in the end much of these narrative tricks come across as a shade too manipulative and trite to really satisfy.

What the film was shooting for was a message about imagination and belief, and at times it does manages to surprise and illuminate by exploring how each of these characters forge their own realities through manifestations of their own desire. In the end the threads are pulled tight and we are treated to a stark reality, all imagination blown away -- a good and bad thing, as it turns out. But Franklyn doesn't really satisfy at that point, as the overly self-indulgent unevenness of the film has thoroughly diffused the audience's attention with incidental detail by the time the viewer should be most focused and aware.

Franklyn is a film I wanted to like more than one I actually ended up liking -- a movie that didn't pay me back for the effort. I'd say it's a bad good film -- something that could have been much better in more competent hands. As it is, I'd still recommend it to those looking for a puzzler with fantastical elements -- just don't expect too much.

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