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by Bill Ward on April 12, 2010

in Miscellanea

blue_down_arrowT Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, erminal velocity got you down. Hypoxia making you blue, 30mg Indometacin. 100mg Indometacin, Does that three minutes it takes to plunge six miles back to Earth feel like an eternity. Then you'll be glad you read Dan Koeppel's article at Popular Mechanics called "How to Fall 35, Indometacin mexico, Indometacin paypal, 000 Feet -- And Survive."

Amazingly enough, people have survived such drops from aircraft, Indometacin australia, Indometacin india, and the article looks at just how this could be. Combing some basic physics and details about individual cases of survivors, Indometacin ebay, 500mg Indometacin, Koeppel crafts a fascinating article with a tongue-in-cheek feel to it -- if only because most of us don't ever plan to be in the situation of choosing how we'll crash back into the ground:

Glass hurts, but it gives, Indometacin craiglist. So does grass, buy Indometacin Over The Counter. 250mg Indometacin, Haystacks and bushes have cushioned surprised-to-be-alive free-fallers. Trees aren’t bad, Indometacin uk, 10mg Indometacin, though they tend to skewer. Snow, Indometacin canada. 50mg Indometacin, Absolutely. Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, Swamps. With their mucky, 150mg Indometacin, 750mg Indometacin, plant-covered surface, even more awesome, 40mg Indometacin. Indometacin usa, Hamilton documents one case of a sky diver who, upon total parachute failure, Indometacin overseas, 200mg Indometacin, was saved by bouncing off high-tension wires. Contrary to popular belief, Indometacin us, Indometacin japan, water is an awful choice. Like concrete, 1000mg Indometacin, 20mg Indometacin, liquid doesn’t compress. Hitting the ocean is essentially the same as colliding with a sidewalk, Indometacin coupon, Hamilton explains, except that pavement (perhaps unfortunately) won’t “open up and swallow your shattered body.”

Still, just to be on the safe side, maybe you should read the article.

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