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by Bill Ward on March 24, 2010

in Miscellanea

clockwork_ludovico_alexRecently I read a terrifically depressing article called Weaponizing Mozart Buy Hormone Over The Counter, at about some rather bizarre and frankly unfortunate means of social control in use in the UK. Hormone craiglist, Apparently, 'anti-social behavior' among teens is some sort of ongoing blight, Hormone us, 20mg Hormone, and a variety of high tech nanny state solutions have been deployed to combat it. My favorite would be the Mosquito, 1000mg Hormone, 150mg Hormone, a device that emits an extremely unpleasant noise that is apparently inaudible to people over about 25 -- but gratingly irritating to kids. Sounds like something from a dystopian black comedy, Hormone japan, Hormone overseas, Brazil perhaps.

Ah, Hormone canada, Hormone ebay, but the main thrust of the article is straight from the prescient mind of Anthony Burgess. No, it isn't the Ludovico Technique (yet), but almost, buy Hormone Over The Counter. Seems not only has playing classical music in school detention as a form of punishment and discouragement come into use, 500mg Hormone, Hormone usa, but playing it in public places in an effort to keep children away is also being tried. So, 40mg Hormone, Hormone mexico, like the induced nausea of Ludovico's aversion therapy, a whole new generation will associate beautiful music with punishment, Hormone uk, 10mg Hormone, anxiety, and their own inadequacy and undesirability, 30mg Hormone. 200mg Hormone, The author of the article, Brendon O'Neill sums up the two-pronged effect nicely: "The dangerous message being sent to young people is clear: 1) you are scum; 2) classical music is not a wonder of the human world, 100mg Hormone, Hormone coupon, it’s a repellent against mildly anti-social behavior." He also brings up A Clockwork Orange (how could he fail to?), and I'm reminded again at how much that novel speaks to our own time -- a time in which kids aren't taught or disciplined anymore, Hormone australia, 250mg Hormone, only told how entitled and exceptional they are and then blasted with ear piercing deterrents and beamed with monster halogens from helicopters when they inevitably become the 'hooligans' they were engineered to be.

Poor, Hormone india, Hormone paypal, poor victims of the modern age . , 50mg Hormone. 750mg Hormone, . as are we all.

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Brian Murphy March 26, 2010 at 7:49 pm

It’s hard to believe this is actually happening, somewhere, in our world. Frightening. It does seem as though the UK is slouching inevitably towards some dystopic future.

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