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by Bill Ward on July 1, 2009

in Book Reviews

DroodF Buy Flexeril Over The Counter, or me, June has been a month of getting nothing done. Seemingly everything in my life, Flexeril canada, from writing to keeping up the house, seems unfinished -- the lone exception to that being cases of Yuengling, of which I've finished two.  On the book front I've finished six, Flexeril india, though one of those is a graphic novel and I have a hard time thinking of those as really counting. 40mg Flexeril, But hey -- I did read Dan Simmons's Drood, which could crush a car if you dropped it from a highrise, so that counts as two books, 1000mg Flexeril. Of course, Flexeril mexico, I've yet to finish my review of the book (spoiler: it's excellent), so that's another tick in the 'slacking off' column of this month's tally. Along with, 50mg Flexeril, and in preparation for, 500mg Flexeril, Drood, I finished Dickens's The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which I started last month (actually, 250mg Flexeril, last year, 10mg Flexeril, but I challenge you to prove it to the satisfaction of a jury). But how do I count finishing an unfinished novel, buy Flexeril Over The Counter. See, even Dickens isn't getting things done in June (a month that, Flexeril paypal, as a matter of fact, Flexeril us, figures prominently and ominously in Drood -- and now you can see we have come full circle).

ishiBeyond things Droodish we have things Egyptian -- Gene Wolfe's Soldier of Sidon, to be exact, 30mg Flexeril. Picking up the story of perpetual amnesiac Latro after some time has passed following the close of Soldier of Arete, Flexeril uk, Soldier of Sidon moves the action to ancient Egypt with a trip down the Nile. Fans of the series know what to expect -- gods, visions, Flexeril usa, an unreliable narrator, Flexeril ebay, and Wolfe's delicious ambiguity. Buy Flexeril Over The Counter, Not my favorite of the series -- the books set in Greece feel much more solidly realized and contain more that is interesting to me -- but good nonetheless. The book begs a sequel.

Beyond those books, Flexeril australia, and in amongst the myriad anthologies I'm inching my way through -- including two that I appear in, 200mg Flexeril, The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008 and Northern Haunts -- I've managed to grab some time for non-fiction. I highly recommend Theodora Kroeber's biography of the last 'wild' Indian of North America, Ishi in Two Worlds, Flexeril overseas. In 1911 Ishi, 150mg Flexeril, a Yahi Indian, came down out of the North California hills after a lifetime of secrecy and privation. He entered the white man's world, and soon adjusted remarkably to life amongst academics and staff at the University of California's Museum of Anthropology, in San Francisco, buy Flexeril Over The Counter. The book is a fascinating look not just the culture of the Yahi, Flexeril craiglist, but at Ishi's adjustment to his radically new environment. Flexeril japan, More than just a work of anthropology, this is a true biography, and Ishi is revealed as an individual and not merely a type or representative of tribal man, 20mg Flexeril.

walk woodsFollowing a recommendation of a friend of mine, 750mg Flexeril, I picked up Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods. Bryson is a travel writer and humorist, and his attempt to hike the Appalachian trail as described in A Walk in the Woods is at turns profoundly interesting and laugh-out-loud hilarious, Flexeril coupon. Bryson, 100mg Flexeril, accompanied by a old friend who seems a magnet for trouble, experiences the trail life at its best and worst, on the way encountering odd people, places beautiful and strange, and wildlife most of us have not seen outside a nature documentary. What he gains is a new sense of the vastness and grandeur of the American wilderness, and a new appraisal of his own character as well. The book really made me want to go hike or camp -- until I remembered Lyme disease, bear attacks, and hypothermia. Regardless, I'll definitely be getting some more by Bryson in the future.

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gaydegani July 1, 2009 at 3:47 pm

So glad you liked Drood. I kind of got stuck on the Dickens’ book Drood…trouble getting through it. I’ve been waiting to finish that before starting the Dan Simmons book. Well, got get back on the horse!

Bill Ward July 1, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Same thing happened to me — it’s not Dickens’s best by any means. You’ll be glad you read it when you dip into Simmons, though.

Kyle July 2, 2009 at 10:20 am

I love Walking in the Woods. It led me to several other Bryson books, one being I’m a Stranger Here Myself where he takes a road trip around the U.S. Such easy, fun reading. Makes you want to hit the road. I wondered about Drood when I saw it in the bookstore. I will have to pick it up now. Thanks.

Bill Ward July 2, 2009 at 11:56 am

The store where I bought ‘Woods’ had a whole shelf of Bryson — and I’m pretty sure the title you mention was one of them. I’ll probably grab a few of them when I return. You are right, his style is very fun and flows beautifully.

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