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by Bill Ward on November 30, 2009

in Book Reviews

little sister chandlerN No RX Petcam, ovember proved an eclectic and productive reading period for me -- even if I didn't get much else done. I started things off with Italian fabulist Italo Calvino's excellently mesmerizing Invisible Cities, a series of imaginative prose-poem meditations on memory and semiotics wrapped up in a spiraling chapter structure, Petcam india. It's the sort of thing that has you reading passages twice in varying order -- in fact that's almost required. Petcam overseas, This is the first Calvino I've read and, such was its impact, I now have about five of his books sitting in my 'to be read' pile, 30mg Petcam. Highly recommended.

I made the transition from cities to wilderness with Jane Goodall's In the Shadow of Man, her popular memoir detailing the founding of her ground-breaking observational studies of chimpanzees, No RX Petcam. Petcam ebay, Whether Goodall talks about the issues of setting up a research camp at Tanzania's Gombe Reservation or the detailed life-cycle of the chimpanzee, the book is consistently fascinating. Social behavior, Petcam australia, emotions, Petcam coupon, child-rearing, tool-using, aggression, 20mg Petcam, hunting, Petcam craiglist, mating, hierarchy, death -- the whole gamut of chimp behavior is unveiled as it becomes known to Goodall herself through observation, Petcam japan. A classic work of zoology, Petcam canada, one accessible to anyone.

shadow of man goodallThe Death of Ivan Ilyich took me from the man's shadow to man's end with its examination of mortality and fatal illness. No RX Petcam, Tolstoy's short novel tells the story promised by its title -- the death of one Ivan Ilyich, a satisfied middle class professional whose comfortable existence is destroyed by his own terminal illness. From the discomfort or disbelief of his friends, 500mg Petcam, to the sterile theories of his doctor, 40mg Petcam, Ivan Ilyich receives no sympathy or acknowledgment of his condition from anyone -- save a simple peasant lad of his household. A powerful and moving account of both how we experience the awareness of our own demise, and how very few of us can accept the inevitability of death even as it stares us in the face, Petcam usa. An essential book; doubly so if you've ever watched a loved one succumb to a terminal condition. Petcam paypal, For lighter fare, I turned to the poet laureate of all things noir, Raymond Chandler, 200mg Petcam. The Little Sister, with its overcomplicated and somewhat strained plotline, is not one of Chandler's best, though even his lesser efforts show flashes of genius not seen in more conventional practitioners of crime, No RX Petcam. The Little Sister is at times sinister, Petcam uk, humorous, satirical, and bleak -- but it is the rapid-fire cynicism of one passage in particular that has a fed-up Philip Marlowe skewering all the sham and pretension of 1940s LA -- punctuated with a rhetorical "Easy Marlowe, Petcam us, you're not human tonight"-- that comes across as most memorable. 750mg Petcam, This novel would be followed by arguably Chandler's greatest, The Long Goodbye.

lies locke lamoraFrom classic crime I transitioned to classic science fiction, Petcam mexico, and Stanislaw Lem's Solaris. 50mg Petcam, Translated from Polish into French into English, the prose in my edition had a bit of a sterile quality that didn't win any points with me. No RX Petcam, But it was the meat of the book, and the strange quirks of narration, that made it a worthwhile read. As anyone who has seen either of the movies based on the novel knows, 250mg Petcam, it is essentially a story of a researcher who is sent to study a planet, 10mg Petcam, only to have the planet end up studying him. Lem's book has a very different feel than much of that of his contemporaries, a difference of perspective I'm looking forward to revisiting in my Five Book Challenge when I tackle The Cyberiad, 100mg Petcam.

Finally, 1000mg Petcam, I finished the month with a new(ish) fantasy: Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora. Fast-paced, stylish, 150mg Petcam, and as clever as a bucketful of ferrets, Lies' 700 plus pages whipped past like a novel half its length. I won't say much more about it as I plan on reviewing this one -- look for it, and the resumption of a more regular review schedule, in 2010.

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Gay Degani November 30, 2009 at 9:25 pm

I love when you post these. Haven’t read any of these though I did check Ivan out of the library once. I struggle with those Russians. lately I’ve been reading Lee Child (Persuader right now) as well as The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks, and hmmm, Olive Kitteridge while I was in Vermont. Oh and The Girl who Played with Fire. Now that was a fun read but spotty and sloppy in places especially toward the end. Looking forward to reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Bill Ward November 30, 2009 at 11:25 pm

I don’t think I know any of those, Gay.

Nice thing about ‘Ivan’ is it’s very short, not at all intimidating like, well, just about everything else written by famous 19th century Russians.

And I’m glad you like my Roundups!

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