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by Bill Ward on June 29, 2011

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An entry over at Joe Abercrombie's blog about his encounter with a neighbor boy who hadn't even heard of No RX Celexa, D&D got me reflecting on many of the things Abercrombie himself covers in his post. He and I are about the same age, and belong to a pre-internet, Celexa overseas, pre-500 cable channels, pre-iPhone generation that entertained ourselves around the wood stoves of our drafty log cabins with shadow puppets and recitations of railway time tables. But something happened to transform our sepia-toned youth into an exciting time of monster-slaying, dungeon-crawling, 500mg Celexa, infinite gold-carrying, NPC-bullying, 150mg Celexa, and rules-lawyring adventure -- and that something was Dungeons & Dragons.

Of course, let's get something straight, there was Dungeons & Dragons, Celexa coupon, and there was Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and my activities were limited solely to the later. 50mg Celexa, And, hey, I was a snob about it. I mean, in D&D elves and dwarves were considered a class, No RX Celexa. All the cool kids where into AD&D -- though for the purposes of this entry, 10mg Celexa, and since the distinction no longer has any meaning, anyway, 100mg Celexa, I'll just lump them both together as D&D.

I say 'cool kids,' but that wasn't the case. Cool kids played flag football in their spare time, Celexa us, rebuilt carburetors, and rode their Schwinns to rendezvous with married women in their thirties whose husbands were out of town. Celexa ebay, Actually, I have no idea what the cool kids did, preferring as I did the company of dorks, misfits, 30mg Celexa, and other geekly types such as myself, and I suppose if I ever imagined what they were up to it would veer widely between the poles of pathetically banal and enviably adult. No RX Celexa, Me, I drew dungeons on graph paper. Celexa uk, What other activity could get kids excited about school supplies. I went from viewing the stationary aisle at the grocery store with utter dread -- for it was forever the herald of the coming school year -- to acquisitive joy. Graph paper, mechanical pencils, 750mg Celexa, note cards, spiral note books, 1000mg Celexa, drawing pads, three-ring binders with dividers -- a rich array of office supplies to feed the D&D beast. Since I was usually the Dungeon Master (the guy that sets up and runs the game, for those of you who, Celexa craiglist, like Abercrombie's neighbor, have no idea what I'm going on about) I needed (or 'needed') a whole bunch of material to record monsters and rewards, 40mg Celexa, draw maps, and write-out scripted descriptive passages to be read later to the players:

"You enter a natural cavern about sixty feet by thirty feet, and twenty high. An underground river runs through it from East to West, and green slime clings to the stalactites overhead, No RX Celexa. Near the river is the body of a goblin, Celexa japan, torn to shreds as if by a large beast. Flickering light can be seen coming from an opening on the south side of the cavern.

With kids doing this sort of thing willingly and for fun, Celexa usa, it's no wonder so many of today's new crop of fantasy writers (and an even greater number of wannabes, such as myself) got their imaginations primed through just such an activity. You could even say running one of these games as a kid is the perfect way to develop the skills needed to write fantasy fiction.

But it's much more than that or, Celexa paypal, I should say, this isn't about D&D as a boot camp for writers, 20mg Celexa, but as a fun activity for kids that flexes their creative muscles, gets them hanging out with their friends, provides the thrill of problem-solving and decision-making, and has them reading and memorizing things that often require a high-degree of comprehension, Celexa india. No RX Celexa, It's the perfect past time for smart kids, and it's been replaced by the x-box.

Oh, I have no statistics. Celexa australia, And I'm not going to dig for proof. But pen-and-paper RPGs aren't as popular with kids today as they were in my day, having been replaced largely by computer games for those children sufficiently geek-oriented enough to have a real need to explore dungeons. But video games only satisfy part of the thrill of p-n-p play, Celexa canada, and almost none of the creative experience of such a hobby. The way I see it is it comes down to the difference between two forms of media, the old 'analog' world of printed books, complete sentences, and sustained thought, and the new digital one of instant gratification, diminished attention spans, and leetspeak, No RX Celexa. In our brave new world, 200mg Celexa, AD&D has been replaced with ADD.

If I sound like and old curmudgeon it's because I am -- and if I use the word 'curmudgeon' in the first place, it's because I learned it pouring over the Dungeon Master's Guide in the wee hours of a Friday night while my peers were off starting fires in trashcans and impregnating cheerleaders. So much of my vocabulary, 250mg Celexa, love of history, and interest in fantasy goes straight back to this game, Celexa mexico, and for that I will be forever grateful to D&D. It got me to read -- and, believe me, I read and reread those books until I could recite the material components for a magic mouth spell or the hit dice for a beholder from memory -- but, perhaps even more importantly, it got me to think creatively. Actual thinking, as opposed to the twitch of muscle reflex, in a totally free form environment is not something video games are going to offer any time soon. But, more than any of this, I feel lucky for playing D&D, and having some like-minded friends to share it with, and being able to discover the sublime satisfaction of exploring worlds other than my own.

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Benjamin Miner June 29, 2011 at 2:45 pm

So sad that the born-again christians were on a crusade against RPGs throughout the 80s. I remember only playing this with you guys on a few occasions, and each time it felt incredibly transgressive; I had been told from an early age about kids who committed suicide when their characters died, and had done so because playing the game opened them up to satanic influences. Guess those people didn’t need RPGs in order to exercise their imaginations…

Lincoln Crisler June 29, 2011 at 2:50 pm

I feel much the same way, speaking as both a roleplayer and publishing author. I wrote an essay in a similar vein in 2008, when Gary Gygax passed away.

Bill Ward June 29, 2011 at 4:42 pm

Nice post, Lincoln.

I hadn’t really thought about that stuff in a while Ben, but I do remember the general disconnect between my fun hobby and the silly satanic ritualism being descried by a pack of ignorant old fundies. Maybe that’s something else to thank D&D for providing me, albeit in a roundabout way — a general distrust of religion and authority. If they’re that far off about D&D, what else have they got wrong?

One of these days I’ll be reviewing Mazes & Monsters in my movie series … should be plenty to talk about there.

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