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How to Become a Freelance Copywriter and Work from Home

Do you know what a freelance copywriter is? Do you want to be a freelance writer? If you want to become a publisher and work from home alone, without schedules and without bosses. Keep reading.

What is a freelance copywriter?

First we will explain exactly what the term Freelance means. This expression was born in England in the Middle Ages to qualify mercenaries who did not belong to any group and who sold their services to those who wanted them, lending their work to those who “hired” them.

Nowadays, this is the name given to the person who does his work for others autonomously and independently. In this case, we are referring mainly to people who are dedicated to writing on the Internet, a job that has been growing rapidly in recent years.

It is possible to confuse this term with being autonomous, but the comparison is not entirely correct. A person is considered self-employed when 100% of his income derives from the activity he carries out autonomously without totally depending on third parties; furthermore, he is considered a self-employed worker when he is registered in social security under the self-employed workers’ regime.

Usually, the income from being a freelance writer starts from being quite low , but as you increase your clientele and when you already have an interesting portfolio and, above all, you already have a recognized personal brand, which is not the case. you will have economic problems but problems of “time”.

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What Do You Need To Be An Online Freelance Copywriter?

To be a freelance editor it is not necessary to have great originality, the important thing is to write correctly and contribute new texts. It is important not to “copy and paste” other articles already written. There are systems that detect plagiarism, so don’t try to do it because you will fail in your attempt to become a copywriter.

You will have the most flexible scheduling you have ever had, you will be imposing it on yourself. But, of course, there is no need to relax too much if you want to achieve a good economic result. Don’t confuse freedom with relaxation, you need to deliver items on time; punctuality is highly regarded by those who request these services (your current or future customers).

There are writers who are devoted exclusively to this, while there are others who consider it an activity for an additional income. The biggest change, depending on the type you are looking for, will be the time available to write articles. This will be accompanied by the income level; the more time you have to write, the easier it will be for this activity to become your main and only job.

5 points to consider to start being a good freelance writer

You need to find a site that pays your job well. On the internet there are different platforms for this activity, it is necessary to compare the different prices and conditions they offer. You may not get the best price out of it but you will have more clients and more work, always consider them.

Plan your time well. The organization of time is an art. Don’t put off and optimize your homework can make you the best freelance writer. Also, of course, if you do it right, you will have time to write more articles and thus get more benefits.

You will not be the only one, more and more people will join this “world”, you will have to make an effort in every editorial to distinguish yourself from the others and continue to receive orders.

You may have doubts when you start, will I be inspired enough to write every day? We can tell you that not every day is inspired, which is logically very difficult, otherwise there would be ten times more works of art and there would certainly be a cure for every disease. Either way, you may need hours to write a short article someday and another day you’ll be doing a great quality one in no time. Don’t despair, there are days and days. Try to take advantage of the most inspired days to get on with your work. With the experience that you will acquire with each assignment you will take less and less time and you will be able to refine your technique.

Try to get good reviews, work well done attracts new jobs. A satisfied customer will be your best marketing. Keep these tips in mind to become a freelance copywriter, you will remember them and you will start living off your work on the Internet.