Jobs In Publishing

Writers And Editors

Editors work in a variety of industries, including publishing, sales and marketing, government, law, education and more. They edit manuscripts, business plans, scientific reports and other documents to make them clear, readable and factually accurate. They also ensure that all work is free of grammatical errors. A thorough grasp of the English language is a must for editors, but they also need strong research skills to verify facts, dates and statistics.


Publishing is the home of creativity and communication, presenting ideas to a worldwide audience. It’s a fascinating and varied industry that involves a multitude of different roles and professionals. Publishers set the editorial and commercial direction for companies that publish books, magazines, newspapers and other forms of content. They work with teams of editors, designers and writers who create the content.

Sales And Marketing

The sales and marketing team at a publishing house works to market its products to the public. Their tasks include creating sales materials, managing publicity campaigns and reaching out to press contacts. Sales people promote books to bookstores, schools, libraries and museums all over the world. They also visit wholesalers and corporate clients to present a publisher’s new titles and persuade them to purchase them.