Imaro: The Trail of Bohu Now Available

by Bill Ward on January 24, 2009

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I could not be more excited to see that the third installment of Charles Saunders' masterful Imaro saga is now available form Sword and Soul Media. Anyone that has read my reviews of Charles Saunders work, such as my review of the first two books of Imaro, and of Dossouye, Saunders' first book released from Sword and Soul, should have some inkling of how pleased I am to finally see The Trail of Bohu available for those of us that didn't catch it the first time around. Anyone that likes Sword & Sorcery, or Epic and Heroic Fantasy, will love these books. The first two are still available from Night Shade Books, and the third can be found simply by clicking the link over on the announcment posted at Charles Saunders' website. I've ordered my copy, of course, and you can be sure I'll be reviewing it. For now, I'm just thrilled that Mr. Saunders has been able to persevere, and that Sword and Soul has embraced this project as they have, so that all of us can get the full story of a saga every bit has compelling as anything penned by Howard, Moorcock, or Leiber -- and as for those never-before-published Imaro books that conclude his story, the word is to expect more later this year.

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PaulMc January 25, 2009 at 2:38 pm

Received mine on Friday. Very happy it is out but I wish they had gone with a slightly bigger page and font! This is smaller than Dossouye.

Yes, my eyes are getting to the age where I complain about small fonts.

I guess that’s what magnifiers are for. ;)

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